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Making beads, like the craftsmenartists of Bohemia, using the traditional cross-fire. Out of kerosene lamps with bellows, the modern propane-gas & air mix lamp has been developed. Special nozzles ensure an outstanding pattern of flames, which creates the crossing

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crossfire for just EURO 705,00. Please contact us we will send you an offer.

Britta Kubat

Britta produce glass bead with a crossfire torch. Have a look to her webside.

The traditional cross-fire around 1850

Out of a Kerosene-lamp with bellows the lampwork torch, which is run by propain-air has been developed. >>more>>

Todays cross-fires, lampwork torches

Through the slight downward bending of the fuel nozzles, the glass rods are always prewarmed on the lamp-bricks. The end of the glass rod is warmed up, in the flash point center of the flame to form a drop. >>more>> 

How glass beads are wound? describtion will come per E-Mail

The “Staatliche Berufsfachschule” for glass and jewellery in Neugablonz

IThe company Credó-GbR, Michaela Köppl and Christoph Klein, has equipped the “Staatliche Berufsfachschule” for glass and jewellery in Neugablonz, before the bavarian school holidays in 2002, with 12 new 11-nozzled bohemi lampwork torches for glass bead winding. Since more than 30 years glass bead winding is beeing taught in this school.>> more>>

 Pictures of the “Day of the open door”

The “Berufsfachschule” has got a tradition which is over 120 years old and reaches back to the “Fachschule” which has been founded at the boehmi “Gablonz an der Neiße” in the year of 1880.

First German bead congress

Super meeting in Wertheim. Thank you to Mr. Ittig.


Bead club

The developement of an information structure for the friends of handmade glass beads and glass bead jewellery is still in its beginning state. By now the interest for the glass bead congress which is from the 3rd to 5th of Oct. 2003 in Wertheim, reaches up to Copenhagen. >>more>>


The first world wide hollow beads was developed, on the bohemian crossfire torch, from Helga Seimel

Variation on the hollow bead is made without tubing, and was developed 1990 in Germany by Helga Seimel on the traditional bohemian crossfire torch.

Bandhu Scott Dunham                                          mention this in the book Contemporary Lampworking

Helga Seimel Glasspinnerin

“I had to smile about the manner of working on the Minor’s Torch: How can we work peacefully and concentrated, if our arms are constantly hovering around in the air and at last come back to the table again in order to do other necessary movements.” >>more>> read in the “Glashaus 4/2002”

Crédo bead-gallery

In my gallery “Crédo” everything is about beads. Single beads are available out of glass and other materials..  >>more>> and further to the Gallery

Michaela Köppl

Alte Bergstrasse, Landsberg am Lech

We are a community of different shops in the “Alten Bergstraße”, located in “Landsberg am Lech”, which are carrying out high level exhibitions. It is our ambition, to animate the unique historic site of the road, the quarter and even the city of Landsberg with its incomparability and multiplicity, and to present it in an artistic, open flair which goes beyond the conventional.

Thereby each respective topic becomes realized formatively in the community (road) and individually (each individual shop) and thus on very different way. An accompanying program offers the possibility to each visitor, to go on a discovery journey in the “Alten Bergstraße”.

cast-iron preheating form €78,40/ea

At the same time the fascided flame warms the laid out glass rods up, ready for use, on the cast-iron preheating form.



Day of the open door

signated unicate €240 to €1400

crossfire to pruduce glass beads

crossfire just for € 790