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What are wound glass-beads?

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The bohemi lampwork torch which is also called as cross-fire is having a lots of advantages more than the Nortel-burner.

The burner is working with normal room air. No additional oxygen is getting supplied.

Primarily a focus with a widespread temperature gradation developes with the 11 nozzles. The temperature in the center is well adjustable from 700C° to 1200C°. Outside of the focus a vertical, widespread heat gradation is developing.

The glass rods are always getting prewarmed on the lamp brick due to the slight downward bending of the nozzles. The end of the glass rod is getting warmed up in the center point of the flame to form a drop, and getting wound around the winding wire about 1 to 3 cm beneath the center of the heat. The glass meltes in the center of the heat and little outside in a lesser temprature zone it is getting wound around the wire. Like this the developing glass bead is already getting cooled down while winding it. The glass rod remains in the center and melts to a drop hanging downwards. An additional oven for cooling down is not neccessary.

The underarms are laying comfortably on the worktable while working. Usually the glass rod is held in the left hand and turned around till the glass melts to a drop. With the right hand the winding wire is held.