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By now the interest for the glass bead congress which is from the  3rd to 5th of Oct. 2003 in Wertheim, reaches up to Copenhagen (DK). The central position of Wertheim and the maintained tradition of the glass bead, speaks for the choice of that place.

Glass bead congress

The glass bead congress is an initiative of the Glashaus-Verlag, Krefeld, from Glashaus Wertheim and Glasdesign E. Volkmann KG, Hamburg. It takes place at the Glashaus Wertheim, Schwarzwaldstr.6, D-97877 Wertheim-Bestenheid.

Friday, 3. of October

  • 12-18h Exhibitor
  • 12.00h „Hohlperlen am Brenner", demonstration with Karl Ittig
  • 14.30h Guidance through the glass museum/ bead cabinet
  • 15.00h „Böhmisches Lampenfeuer", lecture + presentation by Fa. Crédo
  • 16.00h Discussion forum
  • 16.00h „Filigran-Stäbe", demonstration with Achim Ittig

Saturday, 4. of October,

  • 10-17h Exhibitor
  • 10.30h Introduction of a glass bead cooling furnace, Michaela Maria Möller
  • 11.00h „Hohlperlen am Brenner", demonstration with Karl Ittig
  • 12.00h „Filigrano-Stäbe", demonstration with Achim Ittig
  • 14.00h Discussion forum
  • 15.00h Guidance through the glass museum/ bead cabinet
  • 16.00h „Die Glasperle in 4 Jahrtausenden", lecture Isgard Moje-Wohlgemuth

Sunday, 5. of October,

  • 11-16h Glass bead workshop for beginners with E. Volkmann

Beyond that the meeting in Germany offers an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences, for to establish contacts, consultation and common search for marketing opportunities for the glass bead.

Suggestions to the program and contributions in the form of lectures/ demonstrations, videos are welcome. The developement of an information structure for the friends of hand-made glass beads and glass bead jewellery still stands in its beginning state. Therefore a request to our readers: Please pass this information on, make copies of the registration forms your self or order such under .

 Because of the scarce accomondation possibilities at the place an early registration is recommended. This would also be a big help for the people preparing the accomondation. Payments do not have to be made before the 30.08.03. GLASHAUS brought in contributions already several times, about the topic glass beads. Subscribers can receive the concerning edition free of charge at the glass bead congress if wanted, or can order to receive it by post, paying only the forwarding expenses of 6 Euro.