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August 2002

The company Credó-GbR, Michaela Köppl and Christoph Klein, has equipped the “Staatliche Berufsfachschule” for glass and jewellery in Neugablonz, before the bavarian school holidays in 2002, with 12 new 11-nozzled bohemi lampwork torches for glass bead winding. Since more than 30 years glass bead winding is beeing taught in this school. In the meanwhile outdated lampwork torches have been replaced through new ones, which are equipped with new needle regulating valves and security valves as well as with shatterproof safety-glass. Out of a kerosene lamp with bellows, the propane-gas & air mix blowlamp has been developed. Special nozzles ensure an outstanding pattern of flames, which creates a flaming cross.

Recently the new founded glass furnace by Istanbul/Turkey, which is a center for glass artists (, has been supplied with 3 bohemi lampwork torches. Helga Seimel, an Glasspinnering from Landsberg/Lech, donated one lampwork torch. Helga Seimel and Michaela Köppl already have  held the first courses for bead winding at this center in June 2002.