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Helga Seimel


1949   born in Augsburg

1974   started with glass works in front of the lamp, since then nearly

1988   own workshop in Landsberg am Lech,
epresented in international glass galleries

Exhibitions of the last years (selection)

1996   "YOYAS vidrio para vestir", Centro Nacional del Vidrio, La                 Grania de San Ildefonso, Spain

1997   Single exhibition at the gallery Waldrich, Munich                            „An einem Strang" glass museum Wertheim                                         ,,The Crash — Expending the Ornamental Glass Tradition",                  Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, New Mexico

1998   "The Collector's Choice", Sidney, Australia                                        "The Rockwell Museum Show", Corming, New York

1999   Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf "Zeitlos aufgefädelt”                         Galerie Handwerk "Die Lust an den Dingen", Munich

2001   "Wearing Glass" Glass Art Gallery, London

2003   "Skala II", Regierung von Oberbayern, GEDOK Munich

From 1988 till 2001 participation at Hotglass- and interdisciplinary courses of the Sommerakademie BILD-WERK, Frauenau.

Working at public composure

  • Glasmuseum Frauenau
  • Perlenmuseum Ulzen, Berlin
  • The Bead Museum, Prescott, Arizona
  • The Coming Museum of Glass, New York
  • Glasmuseum Wertheim